Fox Valley Farms, Inc.

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Ways To Help

Being Involved

There are a few ways you can help us out! Our volunteers are like family to us and work hard to improve the lives of the people and animals they work with. Our volunteers may work with animals training, grooming, interacting with the community, walking dogs and playing with pets, and more! Visit our Become a Volunteer page for more information on volunteering for the animal rescue. 

You can also help out by becoming a foster family! Our foster families allow us to save even more pets from euthanasia and overcrowding from local shelters, rescues, and owner-surrenders. Visit our Become a Foster Family page for more information!

Make a Donation

Donations are the blood of nonprofits and keep us afloat. Donations do not always have to be cash. We provide a variety of ways for you to make donations. Check out some of the ways to donate cash by going to our Make a Donation page.