Fox Valley Farms, Inc.

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Our Plan to Grow

We are currently raising money to build a facility and expand our operations. Please consider making a donation today. With our own facility, we can save more furry babies from euthanasia!

Most animal rescues and shelters have a layout that imprisons the animals, keeping them primarily in cages. As we continue to grow and save for a physical shelter, we move forward with a different concept of shelter in mind. Instead of animals being locked up most hours of the day and only being walked or brought out on occasion by employees and volunteers, we plan to have more of a free rein area, so to speak. Dogs will be released into a large enclosed area during the day. They will be free to romp and play to their hearts' content! There will be a variety of toys available as well as equipment to run up and down on!  When we begin to close, they will be brought in to their kennels and rest areas for the night, depending on each dog's independent needs. Of course, any dogs that cannot be around other animals will be more isolated, to avoid injury to themselves or others. All dogs will be tested for their compatibility with our free rein program. Those who cannot play well with others will have larger kennel that allows them to go outside during the day and play on a small plot of their own yard. This will also apply to animals that are in isolation for health reasons. 

Cats (now we can't forget the kitties!) will also have free rein, if compatible. A large screened-in and reinforced porch will house a large variety of climbing towers and steps for the cats to run and play on. Like the dogs, there will be a large variety of toys to play with. When it is time to close down, the cats will be returned to their kennels to rest for the night, as well as on cat beds and hammocks. Any cats that exhibit unfriendliness towards others or are in isolation will have a larger kennel to themselves to privately play in.