Fox Valley Farms, Inc.

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Building Hope

Services for People Experiencing Homelessness

Living outside with little to no shelter is hard. In the winter, temperatures can get low. In the summer, it can be scorching hot. Everyone deserves the chance to have shelter. 

Those who are experiencing homelessness or simply need a little help to release themselves from the clutches of poverty will have the option to join the Building Hope program. 

We offer assistance gaining employment, financial planning, and finding affordable housing, as well as other services to suit the needs of each individual. 

Many people in poverty and who are experiencing homelessness do not have access to healthcare. Our organization also helps people to gain health insurance so that they can take charge of their healthcare. 

Steady employment is key to overcoming homelessness, and we work with individuals to learn skills they may use universally. 

Click here to complete the Building Hope request form if you would like to join our program or if you are looking for more information. 

Check out some of the links below to search for employment:

NC Works



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