Fox Valley Farms, Inc.

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At Fox Valley Farms, we are focused on serving the community. There are two parts to our nonprofit organization: an animal rescue and a homeless rehabilitation program.

Our animal rescue is currently a foster-based operation. See our Animal Rescue page to check out pets currently for adoption, and for more information! 

Fox Valley Farms aims to supply people experiencing homelessness with the means of supporting themselves and of living a sustainable life.  Check out our Building Hope page for more information!

If you or someone you know is experiencing homelessness or is at risk of becoming homeless, please contact us today at 

Important News

Fox Valley Farms is in need of foster families for dogs in particular. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a foster family, please visit here for the application to foster!


Boss Needs a Foster Family


Foxhound/Lab Mix)

Boss is a sweet boy who loves walks and playing outside. He's great with other dogs and people. He also loves to run. 

Boss's owner, like so many people in our community, is being forced to relocate Boss due to pet restrictions in the housing they are moving to. They need a short-term foster for Boss while they seek to move to housing that allows Boss to stay there.

Our mission is to keep pets in homes by offering foster services, training, boarding, and other services. 

Be a Hero, Buy Hatcher a Halo!

Hatcher is a blind German Shepherd puppy who needs a halo harness and different toys than the other pups to live his best life. 

He loves to play and romp around like any pup his age, but sometimes he struggles playing with the other dog toys. 

He has a rotating list of toys. He is the smartest cookie we know, so we have to find other puzzles!

Check out Hatcher's Charity list below!